City Ordinances

Inquiries are often made to members of the Homeowner’s Association by neighbors with regards to city governance of residential properties.  There are several city codes that regulate residential properties.  A complete listing of these city codes can be found by clicking the graphic below.  Within this page, you can search for various terms and topics and find out for yourself what is allowed on your and others’ property.

One common complaint is that houses, and their surrounding property, are allowed to fall into disrepair.  While there are no codes saying that houses must be kept in mint condition, there are regulations that deal with a building’s structural integrity and yard maintenance.  The regulation of lot maintenance falls under the jurisdiction of City Community Improvements (704.336.2907) while regulation of housing and structural issues falls under the jurisdiction of City Community Development (704.336.3380).

To file a complaint about either of these issues, or any other problem you feel is pertinent, call the City Wide Complaint Line at 704.336.7600.  Inspectors should come out within a week to assess the problem.  If a property owner is found to be in violation of any codes, the city will follow the allotted course for notification and reconciliation of the offence.