Billed by Earl Sumner Draper, Myers Park’s nationally famous garden landscaping guru as “A Garden for the Country Home of the South” this stucco “linear” house was started in 1917 and !nished after World War I in 1921. Close control and attention to details by McAden plus a scarcity of materials during the war no doubt extended the building cycle of the home at 920 Granville Road. A local craftsman working on the roof commented that the home was more than sturdy and “built to last”.

The garden, designed by Earle Sumner Draper, is of an Italian style with the initial layout featuring native cedars pruned to duplicate Italian cypress. It was one of the garden designs o#ered at no cost to the early homeowners of Myers Park.

The home was designed by Louis Asbury, a local boy who also claimed Myers Park Methodist Church as one of his many designs. The sun porches on either side of the home are Neo-classical design and the central horseshoe-style stairs dramatize the central entrance hallway.

Henry McAden, was a mover and shaker in textiles and banking in Charlotte’s early 1900’s development. Among his many responsibilities, Henry was President of the 21-story First National Bank.

The current residents are Lisa and Ted Gardner and their three daughters. They moved  to Myers Park from the Dilworth neighborhood in 2007 and love living in Myers Park!